If you are an agent, manager, lawyer or other professional advisor in the sports, entertainment or celebrity world, Image Rights Registration is likely to be of substantial benefit to both you and your clients, irrespective of whether they are established performers or just at the start of their career.

Image Rights Registration puts the world on notice that your client’s Image Rights are protected at law, serving as a deterrent to those that would abuse your client’s rights, and as a powerful legal tool to add to the arsenal of existing legal remedies.    It may also protect much more that you might expect, including corporations, groups, fictional personalities, brands and creative work – as well as people.

Importantly, it allows you to manage your client’s affairs more effectively whilst leaving your client to get on with doing whatever it is they do best. It demonstrates to your client that you take the protection of their personality rights seriously, and it puts you at the forefront of good practice.

Image Rights Registration is our core business and we can provide expert knowledge to assist you in delivering the best possible Image Rights protection for your client.  We’re careful to work in which ever way is best for you, be it directly with your clients or alongside you to support your own client relationships.

We offer a global service, with key staff in Europe and the USA and via a network of carefully chosen partners, through whom we can also provide and manage key support services.

Costing as little as a cup of coffee per day, protection of personality through Image Rights Registration should be the default choice for any client with public exposure.

To explore how Image Rights Registration will be of benefit to your client please get in touch for a no strings chat – we’d love to hear from you.

“Our world is not a better place if anyone can show Mickey Mouse shooting heroin”

Walt Disney Productions v Air Pirates, 581 F.2d 751 (9th Cir 1978)