Every corporation has an identity – or personality – which is primarily expressed as its brand.  A brand is more than a registered trademark or logo.  It’s about trust, it’s about reputation – both of which take years to earn, but which can be damaged quickly by others using your brand without permission.

Traditional forms of brand protection are often limited in application and are expensive to implement and defend. Image Rights Registration is an effective way to protect any distinctive characteristic of a corporation, including avatars and digital assets that might otherwise be impossible to protect through other means.  It’s complimentary to, but need not replace, your existing intellectual property registrations.  It’s surprisingly broad in definition and can be viewed as a highly cost-effective safety net for brand protection.

Icondia has a world-class team of experts in Image Rights Registration with staff in Europe and the US and a global network of advisors and support services.

The bottom line is the bottom line.  Registration of corporate personality creates intellectual property where none existed before.  That’s an asset.  That asset has value and should be protected accordingly.

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“Identity is cause; brand is effect. And the strength of the former influences the strength of the latter.”

– Larry Ackerman, The Identity Circle.