Your Own Personal Jesus – protecting our dead loved ones.

By Dr Angela Adrian


It is Easter Week.  When Jesus rose from the dead to come back and chat with his apostles.  This is still something we crave even in modern times.  The desire to have another conversation with someone who has passed on. Avatars, chatbots, and artificial intelligence has been evolved enough to provide us with this opportunity.  What are the consequences of making Avatars of our dead loved ones?

Can you capture and protect all the elements of a personality? The digital ephemera of our lives captured in pictures, video, sound, written work, social network interactions, personal data and such like can be used to recreate a personality that represents considerably more than the sum of the component parts. If we define a personality as an entity’s ability to express something unique by any means, then the digital personality being created by these various companies meets that criterion.  Your alter ego deserves protection of its own.

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