Additional Services

We recognize that registering your image rights is only one part of effectively managing your personality. Our aim is to ensure that Icondia provides a one-stop solution for ALL of the various aspects of protecting and managing your registered personality. That’s why we are constantly reviewing the range of services that we offer, which currently include the following:

  • Monitoring – we provide a range of digital media monitoring services that actively seek out potential infringements of your registered images.
  • Enforcement – we’ll endeavor to contact any offenders with the intention of either stopping the infringement, or licensing the use of your registered images
  • Insurance: we can arrange legal costs insurance cover
  • Reputation Management: we’ll provide assistance with the Right to be Forgotten and other aspects of managing your online reputation
  • Promotion: we work with the best promotional agents and managers available, whatever your discipline. We can provide in-house or out-sourced management as appropriate. See our list of strategic partners