Monitoring & Enforcement

We currently offer two types of service, both with particular advantages and very complimentary to each other.

Quarterly monitoring: Every quarter we’ll review the information available online to seek out references about you or the use of your registered images. We’ll compile a report of any potential infringements and email this to you, together with a recommendation of what actions you may wish to consider taking. This reporting service has the advantage that it has a high degree of manual intervention allowing us to offer a very bespoke service.

Real-time monitoring

We offer continuous online monitoring of text, photographic and video imagery, which allows us to flag potential infringements as soon as they become visible. If you wish, we can extend reporting to include an analysis of how often and where your image is referred to, which can assist with any promotional campaigns you may be running, or for assisting with reputation management programs, where appropriate.


In conjunction with our global network of IP lawyers, we can help you with everything from straightforward cease and desist letters to complex licensing agreements to help monetize your image rights. Uniquely – if you’ve licensed your image rights elsewhere (for example to a club you play for) then you don’t even need to be involved should legal action be necessary to enforce those rights. What could be more convenient?