About us

Icondia is an experienced independent team of experts drawn from a broad range of backgrounds who share a vision and enthusiasm for the application of personality rights now and in our future society. Your image is a reflection of your personality and identity.  We believe personality rights have become increasingly important for everyone – not just celebrities and high-fliers.

We’re not alone. Influential authors and Government reports have similarly concluded that:

  • Identities have value: people’s identities have personal, psychological, social and commercial value.
  • Legal systems will need to ensure that people’s online and offline identities are protected.
  • Individuals must be provided with the understanding and ability to enable them to take control of their own online identities.

In a society increasingly dominated by Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, we aim to provide individuals and corporations alike with the tools necessary to protect their unique and priceless individuality in the 21st century. Image Rights Registration is part of that service.

You can see profiles of the Icondia team here.