Our Approach

Our ethos is built on us being approachable, genuinely enthusiastic and easy to work with, underpinned by a foundation of smart thinking, professional expertise and flexibility.

Personality is at the very heart of our business, both in terms of who we are and how we work – and because Image Rights Registration is what we do.

Our focus is the field of Personality Rights, built on the collective expertise of our team drawn from legal, academic, fiduciary and commercial backgrounds.

We aim to be the advisor of choice. The breadth and depth of our skills enables us to apply Image Rights Registration to a wide range of scenarios, including innovative solutions to aspects of intellectual property that have previously been difficult to protect.

We are committed to working with our clients in the way that best suits them, be it directly with customers, or where required, alongside their professional advisors. We’re happy to provide consultancy services as to how image rights registration might be integrated as part of an overall program of intellectual property protection.

Icondia provides a global service with key staff in Europe and the Americas. We have an evolving and growing network of carefully chosen partners – all leaders in their field – that means we can provide and manage key support services wherever you need them.

Icondia adheres to the Registered Image Rights Agents Code of Practice.

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Find out more about the Icondia Team here, or if you would like to talk in confidence, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.