Partnering With Icondia

Icondia’s aim is to provide the best possible experience for our customers – that includes making sure that we can provide all of the ancillary services that our customers need from time to time. To do this we draw upon our network of related service providers: everything from legal advice through to advertising and promotion. Not surprisingly, we set a few rules about what we expect from a partnership:

  • The customer comes first. We offer services that are of genuine benefit to our customers, that enhance the customer experience and which provide value for money. We don’t sell people unnecessary widgets or mumbo-jumbo services.
  • The relationship should be mutually beneficial. We expect your services to add value to the service we provide our customers. Similarly we expect our services to add value to your own business.
  • A commitment to simplicity and transparency. We expect all of our dealings with partners to be open and transparent. We don’t take hidden fees or commissions from our customers and we expect the same of our partners.
  • A commitment to excellence. Above all, we intend to be the best in our business. We believe that if you care about your own customers you’ll want the same.

If you think your company can provide a service that meets these criteria, then we’d like to hear from you. Contact us to discuss this in more detail.

If you like what we’re doing but a partnership arrangement is not appropriate, you might like to become an Icondia affiliate: click here for more information.

Partners and firms with whom we have worked include the following:

AO Hall

AO Hall is a Guernsey law firm, established in 2005, with an international reputation, recognised and commended by Legal 500 and Chambers alike. AO Hall has partners specialising in several areas of key interest to Icondia, including: IP exploitation and protection, Trade Marks, Patents, Design Rights and Database rights, as well as having an established reputation in the use and management of PCC structures. 

Swan Turton LLP

Swan Turton is a law firm based in London practicing extensively in the fields of media and entertainment law, including: Advertising & Marketing, Digital Media, Film and TV, Music, Publishing, Photography and Visual Arts and Theatre, all of which are of prime importance to Icondia. The Digital Media Group deals with electronic delivery of copyright material and is comprised of lawyers from several disciplines, all of whom are experienced in this complex and progressive field. Charles Swan is our principal contact within the firm.

FC Business

FC Business magazine is the leading magazine and source of information for the football industry. FC Business provides the football industry’s key figures with a platform to share their knowledge whilst promoting best practice and guidance designed to ensure that football al all levels thrives in the best manner possible. Icondia is proud to be the sponsor of the FC Business weekly newsletter and is regular contributor of articles and information to the industry.


FRAPA (Format Recognition and Protection Association) is the home of international format business by providing protection and information for producers, creators and distributors all over the world. Founded in 2000 at the “dawn” of the current reality television explosion, FRAPA came into being when formats grew from a boutique business into a global, multi-billion dollar industry responsible for many of the biggest entertainment brands on earth. Icondia is a member of the FRAPA organization and is able to offer format protection to corporate customers.


MIA (Music Industries Association). The Music Industries Association is a UK trade association, the only one servicing and representing the interests of all UK businesses selling musical instruments and associated products. The MIA is recognised by the UK Government as being the “lead body” for the industry. As such it is consulted by the Department of Trade and Industry prior to the introduction of legislation likely to impact upon the business of its members. Icondia is a member of the MIA and is in discussion with members regarding ways to protect unique elements of their business, not protectable with more traditional IP solutions.