Image Rights legislation allows one to protect all valuable aspects of personality unique to any individual – for example what you look like, a phrase, gesture, a particular style, and even your avatar.  Better still, it even extends to those characteristics you haven’t yet invented!

Existing legal remedies such as copyright and trademark laws frequently fail to provide proper protection and can be enormously expensive and uncertain to pursue in court.  However, registering your personality through Image Rights Registration with Icondia, can provide additional protection – simply and inexpensively.

Registration puts the world on notice that your personality is legally protected, serving as a deterrent to those who might wish to abuse your image rights and as an effective legal tool to use should you have to defend those rights.

We care about individuality – it’s what makes us all unique.  Our team of experts will listen carefully to you to find out what you value most about your public image and will help you define those aspects of your character unique to you.  If you wish, we’ll talk directly with your advisor/agent or manager to ensure the management of your image rights remains in good hands, leaving you free to do what you enjoy most.

Costing as little as a cup of coffee per day, protecting your personality in this way is an obvious choice, particularly if you are an established or aspiring personality pursuing a public career.

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“Fame hit me – like a ton of bricks”