About Image Rights

Image has value. Never has the world of media been so pervasive and accessible in almost every facet of modern life. Visual image, sound bites and the cult of the celebrity are powerful forces. The commoditization of image has real value for all concerned.

The consequences of getting image protection wrong can be financially devastating, as well as hugely damaging to the reputation of client and advisor alike. For the first time, there is a new and better way to protect and manage the opportunities that public access brings.

A Registered Personality is a form of intellectual property, which captures all past, present and future (including any generated by artificial intelligence) unique characteristics of that personality. Personality becomes property with the same rights as any other intellectual property – including the ability to bequeath such rights to successive generations.


Icondia facilitates registration through the Guernsey Image Rights Register, the purpose of which is to help prevent the unauthorized commercial exploitation of registered personalities and images by others.

A registered personality gives rise to intellectual property rights, compatible with internationally accepted definitions of intellectual property. Image rights are not trademarks or copyright – but a new category of property right intended to be a complimentary and highly effective addition to traditional forms of intellectual property protection.

Personality is unique. Personality has value. Protect it. Commercialize it. Cherish it. Never lose it!