Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence – or AI for short – is technology that enables a computer to think or act in a more ‘human’ way. It does this by taking in information from its surroundings, and deciding its response based on what it learns or senses.

As AI image creation and editing becomes a larger part of our lives, a new digital privacy concern has arisen; that is, the unauthorized AI editing of someone’s artwork or picture or voice or any other aspect of their personality. To date, there’s nothing to stop someone from taking a picture online or digitally splicing a film, uploading it to an AI program, and manipulating it for all sorts of purposes. Those made without permission are called Deep fakes.

Deep fakes demonstrate that you can capture most elements of a personality via the digital ephemera of a life captured in pictures, video, and sound. Can this be protected?  Yes. Written work, social network interactions, personal data, and other similar self-expression can be used to recreate a personality representing considerably more than the sum of the original parts. Defining a personality as an entity’s ability to express something unique by any means, then the digital personality created by these various companies meets that criterion.

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