Avatars may be fictional representations but their value is very real and often overlooked. Avatars for commercial applications may represent years of expensive R&D investment and considerable future earning potential. Recreational avatars may represent a significant investment in both time and money on behalf of their owners.

Identity and anonymity, are concepts that will evolve in virtual worlds like the metaverse. Already identities are complex to form, hard to define and increasingly easier to steal and fake. But even the concept and philosophy of “identity” varies from culture to culture. As such, trademarking avatars is not easy. Even if successful, it protects only a snapshot in time during the growth and evolution of your avatar. How do you protect something that is dynamic, changing and multi-faceted? How do you protect something that has personality?

Icondia specializes in the registration of personality as intellectual property. That raises some interesting possibilities for avatars: on the one hand they are simply extensions of their owner, in which case we can arrange to register the avatar as an image of the owner (individual or corporate). On the other hand they have personality of their own (‘avatoids‘) in which case we can arrange to register the avatar as a personality in it’s own right. We even have some neat corporate structures to wrap around your avatar, providing it with effective corporate legal personality of its own.

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