What is an Image?

‘Images’ are the unique characteristics of the registered personality. They are not limited to images in the conventional sense, but include:

Voice, signature, likeness, appearance, silhouette, feature, face, expressions (verbal or facial), gestures, mannerisms, any other distinctive characteristics or personal attribute, any photograph, illustration, image, picture, moving image or electronic or other representation of the registered personality.

Special categories of registered image exist, for example where one registered image may consists of a series of discrete images shown together, or perhaps where a registered image comprises one or more elements which on their own would not be unique or distinctive.

All images (both unregistered and registered) enjoy the full protection of the law. Registering an image gives rise to a rebuttable presumption that the image in question is distinctive and of value to the registered personality. Perhaps more importantly, registration simplifies the subsequent licensing of that image to other parties.