Brand Protection: The Law of Luxury Goods

By Adrian Shaw

Icondia were one of several speakers at a recent seminar organized by the International Assoication of Lawyers for the Creative Industries (‘IALCI’).   This seminar was one of a series concerning the protection of the intellectual property belonging to brands within the fashion and luxury goods industries, featuring actual and hypothetical situations faced by high profile manufacturers and individuals.

Speakers included Annabelle Gauberti of law firm Crefovi, Michael Skrein on the Rihanna v Topshop dispute, Jane Lambert of 4-5 Gray’s Inn Square, Stuart Durham of Netnames, together with others, including Icondia’s Keith Laker on the subject of using registered image rights as an additional tool for the purpose of brand protection. In particular Laker drew a comparison with how the Rihanna v Topshop dispute might have been resolved had Rihanna been a registered personality. The ensuing questions suggested this form of IP was increasingly being considered by lawyers and IP agents alike as part of the overall strategy of brand protection.

All in all an excellent seminar and we look forward to the next in the series.

You can see a video of Icondia’s presentation below:

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