LIMA Las Vegas: June 9th – 11th 2015

If you are in the business of brand licensing then you need to know about LIMA.  LIMA is the Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association and is the official sponsor of Licensing Expo 2015.  This is one of the key annual exhibitions for any firm looking to license brand or celebrity image.  It takes place during June 9th to June 11th in Las Vegas and will feature some of the biggest names in media, entertainment, and marketing.  Icondia will be attending and will have a team of three available to provide advice on the merits of image rights as an integral part of brand protection for corporations and individuals alike.  Identity is cause,  brand is effect.  Icondia creates intellectual property from corporate or personal identity through the registration of personality as a registered image right.   That’s an IP asset you can put on the bottom line where none existed before.

Why not join us in Las Vegas to talk without obligation regarding the surprisingly wide range of benefits that registered personality rights can provide.  Reach us at or call Angela Adrian on +1 949 220-6545 or Adrian Shaw on +44 7979 900-733 if you’d like to meet.  Alternatively follow us on the social media buttons below or click to subscribe to our regular newsletters.

You can see more details about Licensing Expo 2015 here:

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